Calque Three was published in November, 2008 with 300 copies printed. Calque Three featured work by Dante Alighieri, Jean-Marie Damais, Aline Desentis, Ly Doi, Bui Chat, Takashi Hiraide, Gert Jonke, Birhan Keskin, Velimir Khlebnikov, Adrien Le Bihan, Fredrik Nyberg, Alejandra Pizarnik, Christian Popescu, Ernesto Sabato and Severo Sarduy, translated respectively by Stanley Lombardo, Fabienne Pizot-Haymore, Rebecca Crocker, Linh Dinh, Sawako Nakayasu, Vincent Kling, George Messo, Sandra Newman, Jeff Edmunds, Jennifer Hayashida, Madeleine Stratford, Adam J. Sorkin, Bogdan Stefanescu, Carl Toews, and Suzanne Jill Levine. Calque Three also featured an Interview with Stanley Lombardo, an Essay by Stephen Kessler, and a Review of Severo Sarduy's Beach Birds (Otis Books, Los Angeles, 2007, Tr. Suzanne Jill Levine and Carol Maier) by Philip Barnard. The images below are brief excerpts from the selections published in that issue. In addition to the print matter, Calque Three also featured online content, including a Reviews of Dominique Fabre's The Waitress Was New (Archipelago Books, New York, 2008, Tr. Jordan Stump), and David Kirby's Review of Autonauts of the Cosmoroute (Archipelago Books, New York, 2007, Tr. Anne McLean) by Brandon Holmquest, an Interview with Jennifer Hayashida, and one with Aline Desentis Otálora, an Essay by Brandon Holmquest in Two Parts about the AWP Conference, Part 1: The Bookfair, and Part 2: The Bowery, and the Translator's Introduction to 3 Poems by Alejandra Pizarnik. To purchase Calque Three, or a one-year subscription to Calque, click [here].
from Interview with Stanley Lombardo, by Brandon Holmquest

from The Popescu Art, by Christian Popescu
Translated from the Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Bogdan Stefanescu

from A Different Practice and Clockwork of Flowers — Explanations and Poems, by Fredrik Nyberg,
Translated from the Swedish by Jennifer Hayashida